Salvador Bas Folch

Position: Game Writer & Narrative Designer
Categories: AAA Titles, Action, Adventure, Characterization, Conflict Resolution, Dialogue, Dialogue Writer, Engines, Europe, Fantasy, Genres, Historical, Horror, Indie Games, Interactive Fiction, Interactive Storytelling, Intermediate (3-5 years), Location, Mobile Games, Narrative Designer, Non-linear Narratives, Pacing, Plotting, Remote, Role, Role-Playing Games (RPG), Romance, Sci-Fi, Scriptwriter, Simulation Games, Skills, Strategy Games, Theme Development, Twine, Type of Games, Unity, Working Experience, World-Building, Worldbuilder

Salvador is a professional writer specializing in the video game industry. He holds a Master’s degree in Advanced English Studies from Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona. Over the past decade, Salvador has travelled throughout Europe, pursuing his dual passions of video games and fiction. Recently, he has held the position of Game Writer at Nudge Nudge Games, where he has been instrumental in the creation of narratives for a science fantasy, open world game.