5 Tips On Writing: With Crystal Martinez

My name is Crystal Martinez. I am a writer with over 1M+ story views/readers. I’ve been writing interactive stories for over 5 years on various mobile gaming apps. I’ve also written a few screenplays, short scripts, promos, etc.

The Art of Hooking Your Audience

The first 5-15 seconds of your story are crucial. You need to write something that will grab the reader/viewer’s attention right away.

Crafting Compelling Plots

Plan it out. Write it down, and plan it from beginning to end. If you can’t start with a beginning, think middle to end, but whatever you do, focus on that ending, as it will all go down from there.

Building Immersive Worlds

I lean towards realism when it comes to my writing. I often draw inspiration from places I’ve visited, allowing them to guide my imagination

Top Tips for Character Development

I was told once that characters are the #1 most important part of any story. If you don’t have character development, then you are left with nothing. I always think about their wants and needs. That is extremely important. If I can’t come up with their wants and needs, then I don’t write them. I start all over until it comes to mind.

Creating Impactful Choices

Make choices that feel impactful and lead somewhere. I tend to avoid what are called dead-end choices, the ones that lead to nowhere. Every choice should affect the story or characters somehow.

Crystal's Work and Experience

Many! Some of my work is available in my portfolio.

Crystal's Writing Superpowers

I consider accepting constructive criticism as one of my strengths. I believe it’s crucial to take advice, feedback, etc., especially when it comes from a genuinely good place.

Storytelling Inspiration

“The Lottery” by Shirley Jackson. It’s truly an amazing story, with a deep hidden message behind it. There’s also a short film of it available on YouTube.

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Chris Mahnke
Chris Mahnke

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