Why should one create interactive fiction books related to video games?! Well, Gaming has always been about pushing boundaries, and the latest collaboration between EarReality and Assemble Entertainment is no exception.

This partnership promises to redefine the way we experience games, merging the immersive world of interactive audiobooks with the thrill of video gaming.

Assemble Entertainment and EarReality's Vision for Interactive Fiction Books

Assemble Entertainment, the renowned German game publisher, has been at the forefront of great gaming experiences. With titles like “Endzone – A World Apart” and “Lacuna” under their belt, they’ve consistently delivered engaging narratives and captivating worlds.

EarReality, on the other hand, has been revolutionizing the interactive fiction books space with their interactive audio stories. The synergy between these two partners is palpable, and their collaboration is set to elevate the gaming and audiobook industries.

The Pilot Project: "Expedition Endzone"

The second part of the exciting RTS video game “Endzone – A World Apart 2” is out now.

Before delving into the broader scope of their collaboration, it’s essential to highlight the success of their pilot project, “Expedition Endzone“. This two-part interactive audiobook transformed missions from the real-time strategy game “Endzone” into immersive audio experiences.

Utilizing EarReality’s game engine, TWIST, players could embark on these adventures via Discord, mobile app, browsers, and even Amazon Alexa.

The UK version took innovation a step further by integrating the Alexa Shopping feature. After completing the interactive audiobook, users could seamlessly add the video game to their Amazon shopping cart using voice control. This fusion of gaming and e-commerce showcased the limitless potential of such collaborations.

Expedition Endzone scenario on our interactive audio website

The Numbers Speak for Themselves

The success of the interactive fiction books “Expedition Endzone” wasn’t just anecdotal. A survey embedded within the experience revealed some eye-opening statistics:

  • 91% of users were previously unfamiliar with the original game.
  • Post the audio adventure, 78% of these newcomers expressed interest in the original game.
  • A whopping 90% of users were eager for more interactive audiobook episodes.
  • 95% were primarily captivated by the lore of the world.
  • 90% desired in-game rewards for the original game as a token for completing the interactive audiobooks.
  • 45% were willing to invest money for more audio adventures from the Endzone universe.

These numbers underscore the immense potential of this collaboration, hinting at a bright future for both companies and their fans.

Expedition Endzone scenario

What's Next for EarReality and Assemble Entertainment?

While “Expedition Endzone” was a resounding success, it’s just the tip of the iceberg. The collaboration between EarReality and Assemble Entertainment is poised to explore various titles, especially those with rich worlds, gameplay mechanics, and enthralling background stories.

Fans are eagerly awaiting announcements on future interactive fiction books, and the companies have teased that revelations are on the horizon. 

Interactive Fiction Books: A New Era of Interactive Entertainment

The partnership between EarReality and Assemble Entertainment is more than just a business collaboration.

It’s a testament to the evolving landscape of entertainment, where boundaries between different mediums blur, giving birth to unique and unforgettable experiences.

As we eagerly await the next chapter in this exciting journey, one thing is clear: the future of gaming and audiobooks is brighter than ever.

Ready to jump into “Expedition Endzone”? Check it out now on Mobile App and Browser, available in both German and English.

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Chris Mahnke

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