Interactive Storytelling Webinar Featuring the TWIST Game Engine

By Katherine Forrister Priest
Interactive Storytelling Coach at EarReality

Hello, storytellers and curious learners!

I recently hosted an incredible interactive storytelling webinar on a unique form of interactive fiction: audio interactive stories.

“Get Your Story Done: Writing Interactive Audio Stories” by EarReality offers an amazing learning opportunity for anyone passionate about interactive fiction.

A Creative Journey in the Interactive Storytelling Webinar

Picture a virtual room filled with creativity. Here, enthusiasts met to delve into interactive audio story writing. This was the vibe at my latest interactive storytelling webinar, and it was magical!

It was like inviting friends over for a chat. Our topic? Our joint passion for storytelling in games with choices. The participants were keen to learn. They wanted to know about EarReality and our TWIST game engine. Furthermore, they took part in a demo, experiencing the excitement themselves.

Engaging Discussions and Learning

The interaction was fantastic! Questions and comments flowed in, adding to the excitement. Together, we twisted the classic “Snow White” tale with interactive choices, showing how easy and enjoyable interactive fiction can be.

The community feeling at the interactive storytelling webinar was heartwarming. People from diverse backgrounds, all bonded by their love for storytelling, gathered to learn. Moreover, they connected with each other.

It wasn’t just educational; indeed, it was a celebration of creativity and mutual growth. Additionally, the writing and gaming communities showed their true supportive nature. They are always keen to learn and actively contribute to improving the industry.

Launching a Free Workshop Series

To continue this creative momentum, I’m excited to announce a free three-part workshop series. This is your next step in the storytelling adventure.

We’ll delve deeper into interactive storytelling, guide you through TWIST, and help you craft your own interactive audio story in four weeks.

Expect creative exercises, peer feedback, working with voice actors, and building a community of storytellers.

You’re now officially invited to join the interactive audio storytelling revolution. Let’s embark on this creative journey together, share our passions, and embrace storytelling as a way of life.

See you at the next interactive storytelling webinar and at the workshops!

Best wishes,

Katherine Forrister Priest
Interactive Storytelling Coach at EarReality

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Chris Mahnke

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