Knight Errand x EarReality: The Future of Interactive Fiction RPG

In the world of media, two titans have teamed up. Knight Errand Media provides an intriguing world and setting. EarReality makes top-notch interactive audio stories.

Together, they aim to wow fans with three episodes of interactive audio stories set in the universe of the espionage sci-fi tabletop RPG, Titan Effect.

This collaboration is set to redefine the genre, offering a fresh and immersive take on interactive fiction RPG.

What's Coming Up?

Exciting things are ahead! On August 28, fans can listen to five short interactive interactive fiction RPG stories. These stories give a taste of the Titan Effect world.

You can play the stories from our TWIST Tales library or on the Titan Effect website. Either through your browser or by downloading the app for Android or iOS.

The Interactive Short Stories

Memory’s Echo: In cold Siberia, a new SPEAR recruit has a mission. They must get biotech from a base. A psychic vision guides their choices.

Augmented Instincts: In the Himalayas, a tiger-like operative meets Tashvi, a bat-chimera. Their past and choices shape their story.

Psychic Divergence: In London, a SPEAR agent uses mind-reading. They try to learn about Ashwood, a secret group member. How they do it uncovers secrets.

Whispers in the Dark:  In the Amazon, a SPEAR agent senses danger. A reptile-human enemy lurks. The agent’s choices decide the showdown.

Echoes of Deception: On a ship, a SPEAR agent doubts another agent. Their actions reveal hidden truths.

How It All Began

Back in 2021, two guys met on LinkedIn. Christian Nommay from Knight Errand and Christian Mahnke from EarReality both loved tabletop RPG games. 

This shared love sparked an idea. Nommay wanted to grow his brand “Titan Effect”, a tactical espionage science fiction tabletop RPG..

Two years later, Nommay aimed to broaden his IP, and EarReality was unveiling its new indie game studio collaboration strategy. It felt like the perfect time to team up to create interactive fiction RPG.

Christian Nommay, creator of Titan Effect

Titan Effect: A New Standard in Interactive Fiction RPG

Titan Effect is not merely another RPG. Indeed, it stands as a beacon in the vast sea of tabletop RPGs. 

Players are invited to delve into a world where espionage intertwines with the supernatural, allowing them to step into the shoes of bio-augmented spies or psychic agents.

What distinguishes Titan Effect from the rest? Firstly, its intricate gameplay mechanics captivate players. Secondly, its profound lore and meticulous world-building immerse them in a rich narrative. 

By seamlessly blending realism with fantasy and intertwining technology, politics, and dynamic characters, Titan Effect emerges as a unique gem in the realm of interactive fiction RPG.

Interactive Fiction RPG - Titan Effect Cover

Why Interactive Fiction RPG is a Big Deal

This isn’t just about making stories. It’s about changing how we interact with them. Fans get free interactive fiction RPG stories. This introduces them to Titan Effect and TWIST Tales. 

Plus, with mutual posts on social media, more people will know about it. The best part? Both companies want feedback. They’ve added surveys to the stories. This helps them learn what fans like.

Dive into Titan Effect Through Interactive Fiction RPG

Building on their collaboration, Knight Errand and EarReality are introducing a new concept: interactive audio stories for interactive fiction RPG. 

Fans can now immerse themselves in the Titan Effect universe, making pivotal choices that mold the story’s trajectory. This format is ideal for solo adventures, hands-free enjoyment, and off-screen gaming.

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Chris Mahnke
Chris Mahnke

Christian Mahnke is the author of the most successful interactive audiobooks “Iron Falcon” and “The Magic Forrest”. He has also written branded interactive fiction stories for companies such as Disney and Audible. Currently he is stuck in the tutorial of The Witcher 2.

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