5 Tips on Writing: With Christian L. Nommay

Hi! I’m Christian Nommay, a French RPG designer, freelance writer, and screenwriter living in Quebec City, Canada. I’m also the creator of Titan Effect, an espionage and sci-fi tabletop RPG and transmedia project.

Hooking Your Audience

You must believe in your story to hook your readers or players and make them care.

Mastering Plot Development

Tips on Writing

A good plot drives the story, but it must also affect the characters meaningfully.

Effective World-Building Strategies

Avoid making your world too realistic, and focus on making it believable. Bonus tips: make sure the world serves your story and reflects your themes.

Techniques for Character Development

Create flawed characters and give them a unique trait or something that stands out, like a special ability, mannerism, or something they hate or love.

Crafting Meaningful Decisions

To be meaningful, a choice must significantly affect a character, either negatively or positively, and have a tangible impact on the story.

Christian's Work & Experience

Tips on Writing

I mostly worked on Titan Effect as the creator and leading writer, but I also consulted on the upcoming Archons of Nikud by High Level Games and other secret projects.

Writing & Narrative Design Skills

I approach writing as a form of puzzle-solving, and I put myself in the shoes of my readers and players to anticipate how the story can affect them.

Exploring Favorites

My favorite story is from the original manga Ghost in the Shell, created by Shirow Masamune. First, the world is amazingly detailed and coherent, and second, the story efficiently combines the seriousness and complexity of its plots with light-hearted humor and endearing characters.

A Wish for Interactive Audio Stories

I would love to hear an interactive audio story for Cyberpunk 2077, in which the player plays some regular folk trying to survive the jungle of Night City and eventually gets the opportunity to build his legend.

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About the Author
Chris Mahnke
Chris Mahnke

Christian Mahnke is the author of the most successful interactive audiobooks “Iron Falcon” and “The Magic Forrest”. He has also written branded interactive fiction stories for companies such as Disney and Audible. Currently he is stuck in the tutorial of The Witcher 2.

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