Simon Sterz

Interactive Fiction Writer & Game Designer

Simon Sterz, born in 1990, completed a degree in game design in Berlin and worked in this industry for several years before becoming self-employed and professionalizing his writing talent, initially as a translator. Since the end of 2021, he has been working freelance for various game developers as an editor and author for games. His debut novel “Der Fall Zossner” was published in December 2022, which he wrote in his hometown of Limburg. He and his wife still live there today with their two children.

Interactive Audio Stories by Simon Sterz

Die Letzte Reise

Die Letzte Reise

Die Letzte Reise is a thrilling science fiction adventure about trust, intrigue, sabotage and teamwork!

You’re a space cadet fresh out of the academy and are sent on a dangerous journey into deep space with a newly assembled crew.

Soon, clues indicate that you have a saboteur among you. Is it James, the brash mechanic, Greg, the somewhat insecure technician, or Lydia, the scientist? And how do you keep their suspicions from turning against you? Soon enough, it’s a matter of life and death on board.

Quick Tales

Quick Tales

Quick Tales is a format best summarized with “One minute. One story. One choice!”

My contribution to this collection are three linked short stories about a goblin attack on two dwarven traders. Play each one to get a complete picture!

Other Works by Simon Sterz

Novel: Der Fall Zossner (German)

When Miriam learns that her brother Gregor has been admitted to a psychiatric hospital, she feels like she’s been hit over the head. Is he really suffering from paranoia or are the doctors mistaken?

Initially confused and overwhelmed, Miriam increasingly loses faith that the hospital stay will help Gregor. After all, there are many indications that her brother was right. In her search for the mysterious man who drove her brother mad, Miriam becomes more and more entangled in Gregor’s world until she can no longer trust anyone.

Der Fall Zossner” is my debut novel, full of mystery and puzzles, that has readers question their own sanity the deeper they dive into it!

Mobile Game: Serena Supergreen und der abgebrochene Flügel (German)

Serena Supergreen and the broken wing is a Serious Game intended for 12-16 year olds. It’s a classic point-&-click-adventure for which I wrote all the dialogs and was involved with the story development.

Upcoming Projects by Simon Sterz

100 Lives (Video Game)

Claim your Golden Ticket and live 100 Lives in a world full of unique characters, stories and opportunities!

I’m the Quest Designer behind 100 Lives and can’t wait for the world to see what the people at Gamebook and me have been working on! It’s a truly unique format that will let you experience an incredible amount of stories in the most engaging ways!

Upcoming soon

Story Cover - Ich war einmal ein Wikinger

Once I was: A Viking (Episode 2+3)

Once I Was: A Viking is the first episode of a new story format in which historical non-fiction meets interactive storytelling. Players will embark on an exhilarating adventure, navigating the harsh and fascinating world of the Vikings. Experience their storied history, culture, and customs first-hand.

After Jarik was taken to a Viking village in the first episode, there are two more episodes that allow you to guide him through his new found life in this strange land.

Coming soon

Unanncouned Novel (Novel):

My next novel is completed and only needs some more polishing. Since life keeps me busy, I probably won’t get around to that before October 2024, but it’s well worth the wait!

This time, I went a lot further back in history than in my previous novel, and carefully designed four intertwined plotlines that let you discover the era from different perspectives.

Coming soon