Valentin Masszi

Interactive Fiction Writer & Narrative Designer

Hi, my name is Valentin Masszi and I am a freelance writer. As someone who devoted a lot of his Bachelor’s and Master’s studies to game stories, as an avid tabletop roleplaying game master, and simply as a fan of all things fiction, I am thankful to have been given the opportunity to write the three-part audio adventure Dawn of the Beast for EarReality.

When I’m not writing or game-mastering, I am reading (or listening to) books like The Murderbot Diaries by Martha Wells or Adrian Tchaikovsky’s Children of Time. Of course, I cannot imagine my life without video games either, be it Hades, the Mass Effect series, Insomniac’s Spider-Man games, or anything Xcom from Firaxis.

Interactive Audio Stories by Valentin Masszi

Dawn of the Beast

Dawn of the Beast

In Dawn of the Beast, players take on the mantle of Optia Cordia, a soldier in a fantasy world inspired by the ancient Roman Empire.

When a grisly murder is discovered out on the empire’s perilous border, it is up to her to find the monster responsible.

Players have to face off against ferocious animals and hostile barbarians, dive into political intricacies, and make decisions that impact the fate of the empire, before the sun is eventually creeping over the horizon.

Some paths might lead to victory in battle, others to revealing the secrets of the frontier. And a few grim paths might even lead into the depths of blood and darkness itself.

Other Works by Christian Mahnke

Ebook: "How to Write 
Audio Stories" (German)

“How to Write Interactive Audio Stories” is a comprehensive 180-page guide authored by Christian Mahnke in 2019.

This book stands out as the only resource specifically tailored for interactive fiction writers and narrative designers focusing on audio formats.

Renowned authors, game designers, and interactive fiction writers have highly praised the guideline for its depth and practicality. Available on Kindle as an eBook and in print, this valuable guide is currently offered in German.

Meine Toy Story

My Toy Story (German)

Childhood dream come true. I wrote the interactive audio story My Toy Story that was part of the marketing campaign for Toy Story 4 in Germany in 2020. The story is directed at families and kids, introducing the new characters.

It was an incredible experience working with Disney and Pixar and learning how carefully and thoughtfully these companies handle their franchises. 

And yes, writing the dialogue and choices for Ducky, Bunny, Duke Kaboom, and Buzz Lightyear was my personal highlight!

Expedition Endzone

Expediton Endzone is an interactive audio adaption of the mini-games from the RTS video game Endzone – A World Apart. We did not change that much of the structure of these quests, but adopted the texts mostly to interactive audio format.

Which actually was quite challening. But the success made it worth the effort. 97% of players of the interactive audio story would like to get more such adentures from the Endzone universe. Well, let’s see what the future brings.

Together with: Lara Gmirek

Cobra 11

Cobra 11 (German)

In 2021, I served as the story consultant and narrative lead for the adaptation of the renowned TV series Alarm für Cobra 11 into an interactive audio storyline with six episodes.

It was absolutely amazing to work with the marketing and production team of German broadcaster RTL, and especially with our talented author, Philipp Zimmermann, who did most of the writing on the interactive audio story.

Together with: Philipp Zimmermann

Upcoming Projects by Christian Mahnke

Redemption (Interactive Audio Story)

Redemption is an interactive sci-fi audio story that I began plotting and writing in January 2024. Although I had to pause the project due to other commitments, a short demo story with 5 minutes of playtime has already been produced in spatial audio, thanks to a collaboration with Dolby Atmos.

I recently had the opportunity to experience my own story in a car equipped with full surround Dolby Atmos sound. The immersion was so intense, it blew me away. It’s incredible. I’m more excited than ever to continue writing and expanding this adventure.

Redemption: Upcoming soon

Kadras (Interactive Audio Story)

Kadras is one of my passion projects. Set in a dark and melancholic post-apocalyptic world, it delves into character relations and explores what truly drives mankind to survive.

While I can’t reveal too much at the moment, I started plotting and making notes back in 2022. Although I haven’t written much yet, I’m thrilled to share that the concept for this interactive audio story received funding from Games BW in March 2024.

Kadras: Upcoming soon

Seven Worlds (Interactive Audio Story)

Seven Worlds is a story idea that has been with me since 2020. I began writing the first chapter but had to stop and haven’t found the time to continue. Set in a post-apocalyptic world, this story contrasts with others by embracing a sense of wonder, awe, and humor. It’s about exploring magnificent worlds, unraveling mysteries, forging friendships, encountering quirky characters, and, of course, airships!

Seven Worlds: Ehm... good question