Embark on an Epic Journey with "The Oathbreaker", an Interactive Audio Story written by Elizabeth Dodd

Are you ready to dive into a world filled with mystery, myth, and magic? Look no further than “The Oathbreaker,” an immersive interactive audio story crafted by the talented Elizabeth Dodd.

This fantasy adventure offers an unparalleled experience where every decision you make shapes the narrative and impacts the fate of an entire town. Let’s explore what makes “The Oathbreaker” a must-play for game writers, authors, and narrative designers looking to explore interactive story writer jobs.

Discover the World of "The Oathbreaker"

Setting and Plot

The story is set in a rich, fantastical realm filled with ancient secrets and mythical creatures. Your journey begins in the quiet village of Elmsworth, where whispers of an ancient curse and a broken oath drive the narrative. As you progress, you travel through haunted forests, treacherous mountains, and mystical ruins, all leading to the climactic destination of Dargonbre. Each location is brought to life with vivid descriptions and atmospheric soundscapes, drawing you deep into the world.

Main Character

You play as the Oathbreaker, a character defined by their strong will and sense of justice. Physically, the Oathbreaker is a resilient warrior equipped with a mysterious blade that holds secrets of its own. Skilled in combat and negotiation, the Oathbreaker’s true strength lies in their ability to make crucial decisions that influence the world around them. As the protagonist, your choices will reveal the depths of your character’s abilities and personality.

Choices and Consequences

In “The Oathbreaker,” your decisions carry weight and shape your journey in profound ways. One of the pivotal moments involves deciding whether to trust or distrust a mysterious guide. Trusting the guide can lead you down hidden paths filled with secrets, easing your journey but also placing your fate in their hands. On the other hand, choosing to forge your own path, despite the increased challenges, allows you to uncover deeper truths about the guide’s true intentions.

Another critical decision arises when you encounter a bandit leader. You must choose between engaging in combat or attempting a peaceful negotiation. Opting for a fight tests your combat prowess and could earn you the respect and loyalty of the bandits. However, negotiating might help you avoid bloodshed and gain valuable allies, though it risks making you appear weak.

Lastly, a morally complex choice involves deciding the fate of an innocent villager caught in a perilous situation. Choosing to save the villager garners the village’s support and gratitude but may compromise the secrecy of your mission. Conversely, sacrificing the villager for the greater good allows you to maintain stealth and focus on your primary goal, albeit at a significant emotional cost.

These choices not only affect the immediate storyline but also have lasting impacts on the world and characters around you, making “The Oathbreaker” an engaging and dynamic interactive audio experience.

Unique Features and Replayability

  • Multiple Endings: With four distinct endings, “The Oathbreaker” offers a rich replay experience, encouraging players to explore different paths and outcomes.
  • Immersive Audio: Expertly narrated by David Fried, the story’s vivid descriptions and atmospheric soundscapes draw you deep into the world.
  • Interactive Elements: Every choice impacts the narrative, making each playthrough unique and engaging.

Why "The Oathbreaker" is Perfect for Aspiring Writers

For game writers, authors, and narrative designers looking for interactive story writer jobs, “The Oathbreaker” provides a masterclass in crafting compelling interactive narratives. The story’s intricate plot, rich character development, and meaningful choices serve as excellent examples of how to engage players and create immersive experiences.


“The Oathbreaker” combines classic fantasy elements with unique twists, making it a captivating experience for fans of interactive audio stories. Whether you’re drawn to its rich lore, the thrill of making impactful decisions, or the enchanting voice acting, this tale promises to keep you enthralled from start to finish.

Questions and Answers with Elizabeth Dodd

How did you come up with the idea for this story?

The Oathbreaker came to me out of nowhere. It wasn’t even an idea that I’d been sitting on for a while, like my other brainchildren; in fact, the goal for this story was to come up with a workable (if not perfect) game story in a day, mostly to finish it on time for the workshop. And I did!

What was the biggest challenge in writing it?

My challenges came with the time and length constraints. There was little time to craft the story, and it had to be as concise as possible to keep players engaged. The story I originally came up with wasn’t necessarily built for such a short format, so I had to truncate a lot and really hone my concise writing skills. Ultimately, it was the deadline that was hardest to meet – it’s tough doing two full-time jobs at once, especially on one’s first story!

What advice can you give players about the story in advance?

Play multiple times to explore your potential as an Oathbreaker and get the whole picture. Who knows what accomplishments, secrets, and impact you’ll have in the end?

What other projects / stories do you have planned?

Coming soon is another fantasy story called Trials of Divinity, which is currently WIP. Stay tuned!

What is special about your story? Or why should I play your story?

While The Oathbreaker is a fantasy story with classic elements – magic, a tavernkeep, and a mythical beast – each has a unique twist. There are also four different endings to try for, meaning there are four ways to “win” the game!

Contact information

Author: Elizabeth Dodd





Voice Actor: David Fried





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