Interactivity Meets Suspense

How Users will Interact
with Video Content in the Future

Kings of interactive content

EarReality is your best partner for interactive video & audio experiences, be it stories, games., or business applications. 

We’ve been creating award-winning interactive experiences for brands such as Disney, Audible, 20th Century Fox, BMW, RTL,  Pro7, Playmobil, Audible, and many more.

Create easily with our game engine

Our GenAI driven game engine TWIST allows for easy creation of all kind of interactive content formats.

TWIST is fully expandable. Be it interconnectivity with car equipment, GPS-tracking, Multiplayer-Experiences, or embedding visuals such as illustrations or videos.

Publish on multiple platforms

TWIST distributes seamlessly to multiple platforms such as mobile apps, Amazon Alexa, websites, or into cars, of course.

We publish all of our own and our client’s interactive stories and business applications in our portal TWIST Tales.