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Reading is a journey to new worlds. Each page pulls you deeper into exciting tales. But sometimes, life gets in the way. Work, kids, responsibilities. Finding time to sit and read feels impossible. What if you could enjoy immersive stories during your commute, workout, or chores? Dive into thrilling new worlds while tackling your daily grind?

Why Interactive Audio Books?

Interactive audio books blend narration, music, sound effects, and expanded storylines into an exciting new entertainment medium. Forget passively listening to someone else read. With interactive audio books, you step into immersive “Movie-in-your-mind” stories that unfold all around you. You make key story decisions to mold your unique path. Like a “Choose Your Own Adventure” format, but fully voiced and produced like a movie!

Here’s why interactive audio books are the future of reading entertainment:

Engaging Stories

Exceptional voice acting and cinematic sound effects pull you into riveting tales filled with adventure, sci-fi, romance, and more.

Immersive Experience

Original background music collections and unique storylines make you feel part of the unfolding drama. Like your own personal movie!

On the Go

No need to find extra time to sit and read. Enjoy interactive audio books during daily activities.

Mental Stimulation

Making story decisions boosts listening comprehension and cognitive skills.

World of Possibilities

Each choice creates alternate story arcs. Enjoy new adventures by replaying.

Meet Twist Tales - Home of Interactive Audio Books

We have crafted an exciting interactive audio book platform inside Twist Tales. Our cinematic stories and innovative format make them the undisputed leader in this new genre.

Here’s a preview of our awe-inspiring interactive audio book experiences:

Thrilling Originals

Twist Tales collaborates with seasoned writers and narrative designers to produce binge-worthy interactive audio book exclusives.

Titles include sci-fi space adventures, uplifting YA stories, psychological thrillers, swashbuckling fantasies, and more. With new releases each month, the possibilities are endless.

Choose Your Path

As key moments arise, make decisions to steer the story. Who will you save? Where will you explore? Should you trust a mysterious stranger? Each choice spins the tale in new directions.

Movie Magic

Sonic landscapes blend sound effects, original music scores, and exceptional voice acting. Feels like an immersive movie unfolding in your mind and all around you.

Replay Value

Unlike traditional audiobooks, you can listen again and again, making different choices to unlock alternate story arcs!

Why Twist Tales is the Best Interactive Audio Book Experience

After sampling multiple platforms, Twist Tales stands alone as the pinnacle of interactive audio book entertainment.

Production Quality

Our audio production focuses on the story and magical interactions to draw you into expansive worlds. Top notch acting brings characters to life.


Our seasoned writers craft ingenious interactive narratives that feel like YOUR story. Our immersive tales inspire, thrill, and touch the heart.


Proprietary technology allows seamless transition between choice points. And our mobile app syncs across devices.


Enjoy Twist Tales interactive audio books on your phone, tablet, laptop, or Alexa. Online or offline access.

Download the App

Interactive audio books open infinite worlds of adventure, romance, intrigue and more. Just press play and choose your path through cinematic tales that unfold all around you.

Why settle for passively listening? With Twist Tales interactive audio books, YOU select your journey in immersive stories that engage your imagination.

Experience the magic, suspense, and wonder of movie-like tales you steer through choice. It’s the most fun you’ll have reading – or the closest thing to living your favorite films!