EarReality and Cometh Unveil a Stellar Collaboration with "Cosmik Misfits"

We at EarReality are over the moon to announce our latest venture with Cometh Cosmik Misfits, a groundbreaking collaboration that brings the captivating universe of their new NFT-based game, Cosmik, to life through the power of interactive audio storytelling.

A Galactic Trio of Tales

Together, we’ve crafted three enthralling interactive audio stories, each designed to plunge players deeper into the rich lore and intricate narrative of Cosmik. These stories are not just an extension of the game; they are a gateway to understanding its soul, its characters, and the vast universe it inhabits.

Cometh Cosmik Misfits: Quoletta's Journey - Now on TWIST Tales

And here’s the big news: while all three stories will be available on Cometh’s Discord server, the tale of Quoletta, a standout story from this collection, is also accessible on our TWIST Tales website and mobile app. This is a first-of-its-kind opportunity for fans to engage with the narrative across multiple platforms.

Quoletta - A Mechanic Like No Other

“Quoletta” is a story of ingenuity and adventure. It follows Quoletta Chocoletta, the sector’s most sought-after mechanic, as she navigates the cosmos with her two mechanical arms, Goose and Sloth. This tale is a blend of humor, excitement, and the thrill of exploration, set against the backdrop of a universe teeming with possibilities.

Cometh Cosmik Misfits: Why This Collaboration Rocks

We are incredibly proud of this partnership. Cometh’s expertise in worldbuilding and our prowess in interactive storytelling have merged to create something truly special. The stories are a perfect blend of excitement, humor, and intrigue, offering an immersive experience that complements the Cosmik game beautifully.

Cometh Cosmik Misfits: Dive Into the Universe of Cosmik

So, whether you’re a fan of the game, a lover of interactive stories, or just someone who enjoys a good adventure, these stories are for you. Join us on this interstellar journey and experience the universe of Cosmik like never before. It’s time to explore, decide, and immerse yourself in a world where your choices shape the narrative.

Get ready to embark on an adventure that’s out of this world!

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Chris Mahnke
Chris Mahnke

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