Gabriel Wanger

Narrative Designer & Storycoach

Hi! I’m Gabe Wanger, a member of the FIST of TWIST and a story coach with EarReality. I have had the pleasure of joining EarReality on several projects and have the honor of being the first published author from their “Get Your Story Done” training series. As a lifelong gamer, voracious reader, and writer, creating interactive audio stories is a natural step in my writing and narrative design career.

Interactive Audio Stories by Gabriel Wanger

One Hour to Whitehall

Your peaceful train journey to Whitehall is interrupted by a threatening text message from an unknown number.

There is a bomb on board, and only you can diffuse it. Explore the train alongside a helpful and witty companion or brave the adventure alone as your unlikely journey unfolds. It’s time to step up and save your fellow passengers. Can you find and diffuse the bomb safely?

One Hour to Whitehall is a classic “diffuse the bomb” scenario. This audio adventure encourages you to explore a train car in whatever order you like, allowing for even further player freedom. This is the first story to be published from EarReality’s Get Your Story Done training series.

Other Works by Gabriel Wanger

Duel - A Tale of Ronin

Duel brings the video game A Tale of Ronin by Dead Mage Studio into the interactive audio space. I served as the story coach for Dead Mage to support them with in-engine implementation, suggestions on how to improve player interactivity, suggestions for survey questions, and editing for continuity, conciseness, and language within the story.

Cobra 11

Cobra 11 (German)

In 2021, I served as the story consultant and narrative lead for the adaptation of the renowned TV series Alarm für Cobra 11 into an interactive audio storyline with six episodes.

It was absolutely amazing to work with the marketing and production team of German broadcaster RTL, and especially with our talented author, Philipp Zimmermann, who did most of the writing on the interactive audio story.

Together with: Philipp Zimmermann

Upcoming Projects by Gabriel Wanger

Blood & Gold: On Open Seas (Interactive Audio Story)

Take to the seas as a pirate captain in the first episode of this two-part series. Your ship is filled to the brim with gold and it’s time to sail off into the sunset. However, the British Navy has other plans. You must escape your enemy with your ill-gotten gains to cement your place in history as the richest pirate of all time, or risk capture and the loss of all you’ve worked for.

Blood & Gold: Upcoming soon

A Detective Story (Interactive Audio Story)

A Detective Story is an engaging series of interactive short stories where players step into the shoes of detectives solving short, thrilling criminal cases set in a dystopian future. Each story offers quick, entertaining puzzles perfect for short breaks, yet contributes to a larger overarching narrative as the cases are interconnected.

In this dystopian world, players will navigate through a complex web of clues and suspects, making choices that impact the outcome of each case. The seamless blend of short, punchy mysteries and an overarching plot ensures a compelling experience that keeps players coming back for more. Whether you have just a few minutes or more time to dive deeper, A Detective Story provides a rich, immersive experience with each decision shaping the future of the storyline.

A Detective Story: Coming soon

Terraform: Unintended Consequences (Interactive Audio Story)

The first episode of this interactive audio story puts a new spin on player interaction. You must take the stage not by stepping into the shoes of another character, but simply as yourself.

A darkly sarcastic narrator mocks you and puts you to the test in various scenarios. With the promise of godhood on the table and a flood of choices open to you, see how your decisions shape the world. From a walk in the woods, to a day at the beach, seemingly simple life choices will have unintended consequences for the planet. But, hey, you’re responsible, right? What can go wrong?

Terraform: Coming soon