Tim Schuchert

Interactive Fiction Writer & Narrative Designer

Hello there traveler of the internet. May I introduce myself?

My name is Tim Schuchert. I am a Narrative Designer from Germany with a background in media informatics and interactive entertainment.

I have a proven experience working on AA and AAA games (e.g. Iron Harvest, Crysis 4), designing game writing software (e.g. Articy), and writing for interactive audio books, streaming events, educational material and short stories. Being an avid pen and paper ethusiast also led me to create my own content in this direction, including hosting my on actual play show on Twitch.

I love to spend time playing, discussing, but most of all creating stories and if you want to do this together with me, please reach out. I also act as story coach at EarReality, so maybe I’ll help you bring your interactive audio story to life in the future.

Interactive Audio Stories by Tim Schuchert

Guns and gangs

Guns and Gangs

Guns and Gangs is a interactive audio story, which puts the player in the boots of being the boss of their own mafia family.

After the former head of the family has been shot, it is up to the player to step in during a meeting among friends. Though not everyone in the family is happy about this development, so it is up to the player to make use of their cunning, diplomacy and insight to aquire powerful alliances within the family.

And all the while there is the looming threat of the mysterious murderers of the player’s predecessor.

Quick Tales

Quick Tales

One minute. One story. One choice!

I wrote fifteen interactive short story episodes of this exciting collection that catapult you into dozens of worlds from all genres.

In each of the stories – vastly differing in tone, setting and genre – the player is confronted with a quick set up and gets to make a meaningful decision affecting the outcome of the story.

Other Works by Tim Schuchert

Iron Harvest

Iron Harvest is a real time strategy game set in the alternative universe of 1920+, created by the Polish artist Jakub Różalski.

In it the player takes control of infantry units, exoskletons, weapon systems and huge mechs in a dieselpunk version of the first world war. It is offering three campaigns, skirmish and multiplayer modes.

Developed by: KING Art GmbH
Published by: Deep Silver

Pen and Paper Show

I am the host and game master for a German speaking actual play pen and paper Twitch show. I am mastering, organising and moderating the group in different game systems over different channels. There are multiple self-contained campaigns already finished and available as VODs. The stories are self-written, inspired by the character backstories and mostly themed around eldritch horror.

Upcoming Projects by Christian Mahnke

Redemption (Interactive Audio Story)

Redemption is an interactive sci-fi audio story that I began plotting and writing in January 2024. Although I had to pause the project due to other commitments, a short demo story with 5 minutes of playtime has already been produced in spatial audio, thanks to a collaboration with Dolby Atmos.

I recently had the opportunity to experience my own story in a car equipped with full surround Dolby Atmos sound. The immersion was so intense, it blew me away. It’s incredible. I’m more excited than ever to continue writing and expanding this adventure.

Redemption: Upcoming soon

Kadras (Interactive Audio Story)

Kadras is one of my passion projects. Set in a dark and melancholic post-apocalyptic world, it delves into character relations and explores what truly drives mankind to survive.

While I can’t reveal too much at the moment, I started plotting and making notes back in 2022. Although I haven’t written much yet, I’m thrilled to share that the concept for this interactive audio story received funding from Games BW in March 2024.

Kadras: Upcoming soon

Seven Worlds (Interactive Audio Story)

Seven Worlds is a story idea that has been with me since 2020. I began writing the first chapter but had to stop and haven’t found the time to continue. Set in a post-apocalyptic world, this story contrasts with others by embracing a sense of wonder, awe, and humor. It’s about exploring magnificent worlds, unraveling mysteries, forging friendships, encountering quirky characters, and, of course, airships!

Seven Worlds: Ehm... good question