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Frequently Asked Questions

How does the app work?
Simply install it. For the moment you do not have to register. You can immediately play our interactive fiction stories, either by reading or by listening to them.

How do the interactive stories work?
In interactive fiction you become the hero of the stories. The story will only move forward in response to your choices, and those choices change the experience of the story.

No game is loaded or played
Please check if your device has a stable connection to the internet. The games only work online. Also make sure that there is enough memory left on your device.

Why can’t I hear audio while playing?

  • Check the volume settings on your device. The app itself does not control the volume or mute it.
  • Check that you have the slider from “Text” to “Audio” in the top right corner of the story player.
  • If the audio track has already ended or paused without you noticing, press the play button in the story player again.

Why does the speech recognition in the game no longer work?
Your device may no longer have the required permissions enabled in Android or iOS. Please check in the system settings of Android or iOS whether these permissions are allowed for the TWIST Tales app. For Android the microphone is required, for iOS also speech recognition.
After that, please check if you can set the switch to active (i.e. to the right) in the TWIST Tales app on the settings page for speech recognition.

Speech recognition does not work so well for me
The speech recognition uses online services by Google or Apple. There can be various problems outside of our sphere of influence. Currently we know of a problem with the recognition of very short words on Android devices, for example. You can always use the decision buttons to go on if something is not recognized.

How do I switch the app to English?
The app starts in German mode if you’ve selected German as primary language in the operating system of your device (Androis or iOS). In other cases the app starts in English mode. 

Other problems or errors
Please check if you already have the latest version of the app installed.

Often, just rebooting your device will help if the app stops behaving properly. You can also try clearing the cache – a data buffer. You can find this function in the operating system in the app settings. If the hints on this page don’t help you, feel free to send us an email with the problems to:

Can I pause a game and resume it later?
Yes. If you pause a game before it ends or exit the app, your current score will be saved. Your score will be kept for 10 days.

Why are some episodes locked? What do I have to do to unlock them?
There are stories where the episodes can only be played in order. Therefore, the next episode is always unlocked after you have played through the previous one. There are also episodes where you have to reach a positive ending before you can play the next episode. So don’t give up 🙂

Can I quickly play through the beginning of a story again to make different decisions later?

  • You can always press the decision buttons immediately, without having to wait for the audio to finish playing.
  • You can also increase the playback speed in audio mode. To do this, press the “1x” button several times.
  • There are also stories with “Save Points” that let you return directly to a certain previous place if you fail.

How do I use speech recognition in the game?
First, enable speech recognition on the settings page in the app (gear icon). When you play in audio mode, the microphone will then automatically open for a short time when the current audio file has finished playing. You can recognize it by the fact that the microphone icon turns green and many devices also sound a short notification tone. You then speak your decision and the app will close the microphone again. If the text has been recognized correctly, the app will accept the decision and load the next section.

If the text could not be recognized correctly you will hear a signaling sound and can record your decision again. If you missed the time window for recording you can start it again by tapping the gray microphone icon. You can of course still use the buttons with the decisions, even if speech recognition is enabled.

I can’t get any further in a story/episode. Can you give me some tips?
We could, but we don’t. We have full confidence in your abilities 🙂 Or try to network and exchange ideas with other players.

Are there more episodes of my favorite series coming soon? Are there more stories coming soon?
We are constantly preparing new content. Just check the app every now and then or subscribe to our newsletter so you don’t miss anything.

Are there stories in English other languages available?
Yes, we offer stories in English and German. If you use the app in English mode you will find stories in English only. If you use the app in German mode you will find German and English stories. You can recognize the English ones being tagged “EN” on the cover. Some stories will be provided in both languages, other stories only in one.

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