Behind the Saddle: Surviving a Cowboy Story

Saddle up for a thrilling adventure as we unravel the secrets behind “Terror at High Noon” – A cowboy story, where your decisions shape the wild west narrative.

Join us as we delve into the hidden intricacies that make this interactive story a standout in the world of the Wild West!

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Did we survive that?

As we start our journey in the Twist Tales App, the impact of our choices become clear. Our horse Winnie stumbles over a rocky slope, setting the stage for an adventure. After spending weeks in the pasture and under the hot sun, we suddenly hear a calf screaming.

Interactive Cowboy Story

The closer we get the louder it gets. “An injured calf?”, we ask ourselves. That could be from our herd! – So we decide to gallop there.

But by deciding that, we end up in a dangerous situation: a vicious wolf is circling the defenseless animal. “A wolf? Here?”, we think to ourselves and what do we do? Gallop even closer.

Then we realize: Not a wolf – a a ravenous and aggressive dog, that is now targeting us too. Great.

As will become clear later, the next decision will determine our character as a cowboy and the story. Either we can defend ourselves with our weapons or we end up in a dangerous situation and feed the dog to help him out of its miserable situation.

“Aww, a dog!”, Leonie says and because we like dogs, we don’t think twice about it. The dog bares its sharp teeth and runs towards us. Blood drips from his rotten gums. And us? We stand there smiling. Yum Yum, Smackies! But did we survive that?

Background - Terror at High Noon

This Cowboy Story is a Rodeo of Hidden Choices!

These lesser-known choices add a layer of intrigue to the narrative, offering players the chance to uncover untold secrets. So what really sets this story apart? –  The dance of hidden decision options.

Once you’ve managed to get out of this cowboy story alive, you immediately ask yourself: what could I have done differently? In the most dangerous situations you will be asked whether you want to do this or do that. “I’m almost dying right now, how should I know?”, you’ll just think to yourself.

As soon as you enter Mrs. Pickett’s house, you can actually take a look into every single room in the house and unexpectedly discover secret passages. You might encounter shuffling movements through the walls or rats scurrying on the kitchen table.

No matter what or who you meet, here is my top tip that you should think about before you even start the story: Do you run away from a terrible horror or do you fight against it?

Yep. I know. Difficult question.

Shaping the Wild West

As befits the Wild West, the atmosphere of this cowboy story is imbued with the vastness and promise of adventure that is in the air. Dusty paths wind through dry landscapes where the scent of mugwort hangs in the air. The sun, a faithful companion, casts elongated shadows on weathered wooden structures that shape the horizon. Creaking saloon doors announce the entrance and exit of rugged cowboys seeking shelter from the merciless sun.

In this western border, even the distant howl echoes, adding to the atmosphere of the harsh and untamed landscape.

If only it weren’t for…

Background - Terror at High Noon

Mrs. Pickett.

As you once promised her dying husband to check up on her, she holds a special place in your cowboy heart. Until the moment when – wait.

What does she want to do? Attack you with her mouth full of mud and streaks crawling across her face? No, it can’t be? Yes. But. What?

Holy Shit. Head over to the Google Play Store or Apple App Store and find out for yourself. I really can’t say more right now. I have to make sure I get out of here first!

“Mrs. Pickett, are you okay? Mrs. Pickett, it’s just me! Hello? Oh my God, no, no, please, don’t eat me, please, it’s me, Mrs. Pickett, stop, no, ahhh!”

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