Mission to Mars - An Interactive Audiobook Adventure with Schloss Einstein

On January 24, 2024, the fan community of Schloss Einstein on MDR was treated to a special surprise: the rerun of the popular season featuring Till and Martha. Simultaneously, we at EarReality released the interactive audiobook “Mission to Mars” on our TWIST Tales app, the portal for interactive audiobooks. In this exciting side story, fans accompany the beloved characters on a thrilling space mission to save the Earth.

Interactive Experience: Your Decisions, Your Adventure

“Mission to Mars” stands out with its interactive format. Fans become part of the story and make decisions that influence the course and outcome of the mission. This innovative narrative format allows listeners to actively engage in the plot and shape the fate of the characters.

The Story: A Journey into the Unknown

The story begins dramatically: the protagonist awakens in a cryo chamber aboard the spaceship “Einstein Explorer.” It quickly becomes clear that the mission is critical.

Earth faces significant challenges, and the shuttle’s crew is the last hope. Listeners must decide whether to immediately search for the crew or first explore the shuttle. Each decision opens new paths and reveals different aspects of the story.

Mission to Mars: Decisions That Matter

Listeners are faced with the choice of using their strengths in intelligence or physical abilities to escape the cryo chamber.

These early decisions shape the further course of the story. In the shuttle’s control center, they learn from Martha and Till about the defective steering system and the need for an emergency landing.

The tension rises as the unknown whereabouts of the commander and the defective steering system jeopardize the mission.

TWIST Tales: A Platform for Interactive Stories

Published on our TWIST Tales portal, “Mission to Mars” offers a unique gaming experience. Fans can play the interactive audiobook in reading mode or listening mode, making decisions via buttons or voice recognition. This allows for a flexible gaming experience, ideal for on the go.

Mission to Mars: Proud of the Collaboration with Schloss Einstein

We at EarReality are proud to contribute to the iconic brand of Schloss Einstein. “Mission to Mars” is more than just an audiobook; it’s an innovative experience that expands the boundaries of storytelling.

We invite you to dive into this exciting story and become part of an adventure that takes you to new worlds.

Visit TWIST Tales for more information and prepare for a journey that takes you out of this world. We look forward to accompanying you on more exciting adventures!

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